Please remember to tell your guests that contact from the main door intercom is as follows: If your unit number is 1506…….they must press 506 followed by the key symbol…..1506A…….press 506A followed by the key symbol. Do not allow persons in if you open the front doors……remember how can we ensure security, if you allow entry without a fob.  Remember you can view who is at the front door on your television screen. It is most important that tenants are reminded that they are responsible for their visitors behaviour.

Our helpful household hints …………

Make sure you empty your vaccuum cleaner bag regularly, new bags can be purchased at the office $3 per bag. A small amount of Bi Carbonate of Soda (purchased cheaply from Supermarkets) in an open container and kept in the fridge will absorb all smells. Ordinary bleach can be placed in the toilet bowl for cleaning, a small amount is all that is required and a scrub with the brush, this is much cheaper than the fancy “toilet bowl cleaners”.

Fabulous to see the ReCycle bins being used, please be made aware that Plastic Shopping Bags cannot beplaced in these bins……….they are not recylable. Absolutely only cardboard, glass & recyclable bottles

“A kookaburra is the only bird that jumps, flies and laughs at everything”. Graeme A.S. Browne 

Jim & Carol Donaldson On Site Managers.

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